March 22, 2011

Moving... be sure to move with us!

El Ahora

Well, it's been a wonderful run on blogger, but after a few trial months and service tests, we've decided to switch homes to a more comfortable place :)

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March 15, 2011

74- And they're off

74- And they're off

And they're off... 5 CDs for the swap. Dropped them in the mail today, they told me at the post office they'll be a couple weeks.

I took the time to actually listen to the mix with all the patience in the world today at work. And I have to say, this one turned out pretty decent =D

March 14, 2011

73- Told you so

73- Told you so

See... I told you so... skip the fries and you can have 16 cotton candies xD

March 13, 2011

72- Arts festival, final part

Costrini de Sebastián Marcelo Guz: Humanus Comicus

Final day at the downtown arts festival. I have to say, for a third year, it was well worth it...

A while back I was thinking that there were no decent contact jugglers anymore, and much less in this remote area of the world. I saw a couple of those streetlight performers a few months ago, but they really didn't measure up to my reference benchmark, which for the moment is David Bowie (yeah, David Bowie), in Labyrinth.

But then I saw this guy, calls himself Costrini de Sebastian Marcelo Guz. And, I take it back... I have now seen a decent contact juggler in this part of the world =)

The photos from the festival turned out real good... and there's a couple which are absolutely amazing. I mean, to the point where they popped up on screen and I just stood there thinking "wait.. that shot is absolutely amazing... I cannot believe I did *that*".

Still a few days to go of processing, calibrating, and RAW conversion. But as soon as they're out, I'll let everyone know!

I did put up a few shots in the gallery, in case anyone should want to see what's come out so far.

March 12, 2011

71- Arts festival, part 2

Pasarela Vanilla Sky

And once again, it's off to the downtown area for the arts festival...

March 11, 2011

70- Be safe

70- Be safe

One of the annoying things about doing concert photos is that many times you end up sitting for hours on end next to a huge speaker tower. Happened to me last weekend: one of the best places for stage shots was the tip of the stage... where the towers were.

So, I figured out a solution. Went to my local hardware store and got these. About $3 for 31 dB of attenuation. That brings night club level sound down to more of less the level you'd have playing in your living room. Ok maybe a little louder than that =D

And of course, at that level you can still enjoy the concert. Only thing is, you'll miss the trip to the emergency room with busted eardrums the next morning.

March 10, 2011

69- Here comes the train

March 10, 2011

69- Here comes the train

Saw a train going by... not exactly in the usual way though...